Why does my teacher use games in an adult class?

Source: Usingenglish.com


One of the most common complaints by students is that they are playing games in their English classes when they should be doing serious study. Most teachers do not listen very carefully to those complaints, because serious study and playing games can often be the same thing and most teaching experts agree that games are sometimes useful. If you still have the opinion that there are too many games in your English class and you want the teacher and school to listen carefully to your complaints, before you say anything you will need to check that in your class the bad reasons below are true and the good reasons are not.


Good reasons for using games in an adult class

1. More drilling/ controlled practice

There is a limit to how many times you can repeat the same grammar or sentence before your brain switches off. With some games, however, it is possible to repeat the same language many more times in interesting ways and so improve your ability to produce next time you have a real conversation in English.

2. Fun and memory

When you are having fun the language that you hear and use is more likely to make an impression on your memory and so be easy to recall in the future.

3. Class spirit

Many classroom games help students to get to know each other and learn to work together. The team spirit this produces improves your motivation to come to class and do your best, and so helps increase your English skills.

4. Knowing when you are doing well

When you are speaking a foreign language it is very difficult to know when you are speaking well and when you are speaking badly. In a game with points it is much clearer when you have done well.

5. Warmers

Sometimes you need waking up before your brain is ready to absorb new language, and the best way of doing this is usually with a short game.